Equatorial Guinea Malabo Bioko Island

In Equatorial Guinea, Malabo, we develop our activities.

Our activities include maintenance services, gardening, and tropical agriculture. Of this last one we should point out cocoa production, which has been grown in Equatorial Guinea since 1906. We should point out Camasa is the executor of more than 85% of the replanting program supported by the European Union, Spanish Cooperation and Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Agriculture, producing up to half a million plants per year in our nursery

This structure of the production requires a high level of funding, since investments have to be made in buying the sulphate and lime, as well as in maintaining the dryers, buying and repairing vehicles, etc., all this primarily before the start of each harvest.

These last years have been easier thanks to the European Union and economic support from the goverment. This increase in costs has been compensated by greater productivity per hectare fundamentally owing to the quality of the volcanic soil, rich in basalts and well drained, which is ideal for growing cocoa.

Small plantations around towns and villages owned by local proprietors are the ones most cultivated nowadays, whcih in turn sell their production to the best offer. We are actually the largest corporation in this sector as it controls 4/5 of total production.

It is important to point out our engagement with the service sector through the construction of nurseries, the development of a working system adecuate to the climate and labour conditions, and of mechanical maintenance (computer assisted) of green areas and gardens at a national level.

We actually have a average of seventy three thousand plants divided between 172 species and 196 varieties, most of them can be seen in this web’s catalog on-line. Under market needs we have capacity to triple production inmediately.

Camasa has been now diversificating for some time now and can offer a wide range of tropical fruits and products, such as pineapple, pepper..This and more than 90 years’experience makes us a leader in Equatorial Guinea’s economic and social development.


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